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September 2010

It’s the first of September and two good cold fronts have gone through so far. The water temperature has fallen to approximately 87 degrees. Night fishing was a lot of fun this summer, but more wind than we would like for the most part. Now time to get back into day fishing full time. For the last two weeks there has been lots of schooling bass on the grass points and over small creeks in 14 – 20 foot of water. These schooling bass have been pretty easy to catch on topwater, spinnerbaits, and small crankbaits. For the topwater baits, we are using a popping bait, or a Zara spook. Frogs and Horny Toads are also making a comeback in the early morning. The Limit Getter in Chartreuse and White or White made by Johnson Custom baits and their 3/8 or ½ ounce Pescado is our best producing spinnerbaits. Size and color depends on the color and depth of water that we are fishing.

The McDonald’s tournament will be here September 17 – 19th. After that is over with the pressure will be off the bass and we will start catching lots of the better bass. Also, when the water temperature reaches 80 degrees and less… look out!

Right now, to catch the bigger bass, 5 lbs. and over, we are fishing jigs, worms, and big crankbaits in 14-18 foot of water. This depth seems to be the most active feeding zone for the bigger bass. Our last four trips out have been half days and once we get on an active spot we are able to catch 15-20 pretty quick. This trend should last until the last of November, with more and more of the bigger bass showing up.

We are getting all of our fall baits ready by replacing broken or rusted hooks and looking forward to you calling and getting your trips booked for the great fall season. The lake is in great shape with lots of vegetation and lots of shad to fatten the bass up.

We will be posting an updated report in about 10 days, so be sure to check back. Remember, we offer gift certificates for any or no occasion. Christmas is getting close, and a guided trip is a wonderful gift for anyone that enjoys fishing.

Mark and Barbara


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