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September 2015

Hi everyone! We hope that you have been catching. But if not, we are here to help you. If you want to just have a fun day on the lake catching bass, crappie, white bass or catfish, we can provide you with all that you need for a great trip. Also, if you are preparing for a tournament, we can help you learn the lake and patterns for your success. We never put other people on the same spots that we will be showing you. Group trips, family outings, and company trips are welcome.

Well, we are officially into fall, although you really can’t tell it by the temperatures. Lake Fork is 1.83 foot low with the surface temperature being in the low 80’s. Thanks to the drought and then the big rains in the spring, we now have an abundance of cover in the shallow water. We had a great spawn and the bass continue to hang around the shallow cover along with an abundance of shad.

Right now you can catch lots of bass on top water baits, frogs and small crank baits up shallow. Later, we are dropping out to the secondary and main lake points fishing Carolina Rigs with watermelon/Red or Watermelon Magic trick worms or brush hogs. Crank baits and swim baits are working also. The deep bass are a little harder to catch right now but they are out there. You may hit 4 or 5 deep spots and show bass on your electronics before you find one that will pay off.

As soon as we get a few good cold fronts coming in, the bass will get on a strong pattern in the deep water on jigging spoons, Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, and Football jigs. Also, the bass will gather in the coves along the creeks and flats. Jigs will do well in the creeks and on the sides of creeks and spinnerbaits, swim baits, and lipless crankbaits on the flats.

We are quickly getting into big bass time. If that’s what you are after, we can show you the areas and share some of our tips that we have learned in our 35 years of catching giant bass on Lake Fork.

Please help us keep Zebra Mussels out of Lake Fork by washing and drying your boat off before you visit Lake Fork or any lake. Also inspect your boat for the mussels. Thank you for visiting our page and hope to see you at the boat ramp.

Bass Wishes,
Mark and Barbara


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