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February 2015

It’s February and the days are working slowly towards 12 hour of daylight. These longer days, really starts these bass to moving even before the warming water does. The next 3 weeks will really be the time those giant bass start moving shallower and putting on the feed bag before the big spawn starts in March. These 3 weeks will produce some giant bass! You just have to do your home work, get out there, pay attention to what is going on, find the pattern and catch the fish…. or you could just hire us. We will do our best to make your trip as successful as possible.

We are starting to catch some on suspending jerkbaits, traps, swimbaits, big spinnerbaits, and Mark’s favorite, a 1/2 ounce jig worked around structure and cover. The numbers and size is going up every couple of day and should get consistent soon. Caught a number of fish today, but no big bites due to the wind. Water temperature was 46 – 48 degrees and right at 7 foot below normal pool. Will be heading out again tomorrow to catch them, so watch for some fishing reports on Facebook. Like our page and soon we may have a special for all the anglers out there.

We have some good days open in February and early March, so look at the weather, pick a day, and give us a call or email for a big bass trip soon.

Remember, replace old broken hooks, clean and oil your reels, check your guides on your rods, put new line on your reels and your set…. or as I said before, just come fish with us and we will furnish all equipment at no extra charge. Be safe out there as the lake is still low.

Hope your having big bass dreams, we are!
Mark and Barbara Stevenson


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