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November 2013

It’s finally getting cold! The Berkley and McDonald tournaments are over, so the big bass will start moving and biting again. We had an awesome summer, with some really big catches on the grass and in the deep water as well as the night fishing. Considering how hot it was, temperature wise, we had a good number of bass over 10 pounds. This summer was one of the best that we have seen for over the slot bass in about 5 years and I think it will carry over into this fall and winter. Now we are armed and ready for the cold weather and some great fishing for Bass, Crappie, White bass and of course some Yellow bass.

The grass is doing good in some places which will start stacking up the shad and bass in and around the grass beds. We have had some of our best Topwater fishing in November off of the grass beds using Frogs, Swim Jigs, Buzzbaits, Zara Spooks, and of course the Yellow Magic popper, all of which will catch a lot of good bass. On cloudy days the bass can be caught all day long around the grass, but this is Fork and we will be spending a lot of our time fishing for the big girls!

This is big bass time until Christmas. The target area’s will be creek channels, sharp breaking points, humps and road beds. One of the things that we like about road beds is that there are creek channels that will normally go through the road bed at some point, which means in some cases the bridge, whether it be wood or concrete may still be there. Also, there will be culverts and bar ditches, which will all hold fish. Jigs, 10 inch worms, Football head jigs, Carolina rigs with a Fluke on it, and Jigging spoons will catch a lot of big bass. This time of the year can be a lot of fun when you can sit on one spot and catch Bass, White bass, Crappie, Yellow bass and sometimes a Catfish. But beware…. if your catching a lot of the Yellow bass and they stop or slow down a lot, it usually means the big bass have moved into the area, so be ready. Many times we have had big bass scale our yellow bass while we were bringing them in or they will follow them to the surface. If this happens, we will generally pick up our Carolina rig or at times our 1 ounce spinnerbait and hang on baby!

We have really got a lot of big bass in the lake this year and lots of shad, barfish (Yellow bass), and small white bass for them to really get fat on. We have caught a lot of 9 1/2 pound bass this year that were only 23 inches long! That’s a healthy bass. Like last year, if you want some eating fish, we will take you crappie or white bass fishing. This is great for the kids or wife that wants lots of action and great eating. Huge schools of fat crappie and Sand bass are ganging up for the winter and once you find them, a bunch can be caught quickly. The Crappie are already getting out in the 30 foot water now.

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Group and Individual trips welcome. Let us guide you on your next trip to Lake Fork. Give us a call or email and get your next trip set up before the good days are all gone.

Barbara and Mark Stevenson


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