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March 2014

Geez, where has the time gone already?! At least spring is finally here, although you can not tell it by the weather on some days. Hopefully after this cold spell the weather will stabilize a lot and the night temperatures will start getting warmer again. The water temps have been in the 60’s but with the cold fronts, wind and cold rains that we have had, the surface temp is running between 55 and 58 degree’s. There are bass on the beds right now and are ready to bite, so get your Lake Fork Trophy “Live Magic Shads” ready and have fun. I am fishing the Magic Shads weightless and on a weighted swim bait hook in real shallow water out to about 5 foot of water. Also a lizard or other plastics fished Texas rigged are doing good in the Green Pumpkins and Watermelon colors.

I like sight fishing, but I find that a lot of the bass can be real spooky, especially after a front. So, for the most part, I prefer to fish blind, as in, not looking for beds. I just feel like I get a lot more bites staying backed off and also it gives us a chance to catch some of those big girls that may be spawning in deeper water where the beds may not be visible. One of the things that I love to do is fish a mini Carolina rig with a 3/16 oz. weight and about 8 to 10 inch leader with a lizard or a frog. You can fish it in super shallow water out to deeper water and it works great if the fish are being a little finicky or spooky.

If I have some wind, I like to be out in it at times and use spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and swimbaits. You make be a rockin and a rolling, but when you catch that big girl, it can be worth it. As long as I feel safe about not going into the lake, I will be out there, just because I know the size of bass that you can catch right now. With the water temps down, I am trying to fish a little slower if I am fishing the shallow water, but hopefully with a little sunshine and warmer days we will start seeing the temp come back up. The clients that come in April are going to be happy happy happy! We have some great fishing right now, but April is going to be awesome. I hope you will call us for a guide trip and let us put you on your trophy bass of a lifetime. We also have gift certificates for that special someone or even the “boss”. Bass Wishes and Safe Boating!


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