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June 2010

It’s heating up on Lake Fork, both weather and the fishing. The bass are moving into their summer pattern and life could not be better. We do need some rain now… I know, we were wishing for it to stop not long ago it seems. Please remember your sunscreen when you come to the lake and ice down plenty of water. We have just recently discovered a great product from Frogg Toggs, called the Chilly Pad. It is a towel that you wet and put around your neck. It works great!

We are catching good bass on Yellow Magic’s and Buzzbaits in the morning and later in the day if we have cloud cover. About 10:00 in the morning on the sunny days, we start fishing in the 6′ – 10′ of water on the creeks and edge of deeper grass with all sorts of plastics and jigs. For the plastics, we are using a 3/16 ounce Texas Rig with a 8″ Lake Fork worm in Blue Fleck and Bama Bug. For the Wacky worm, a 5 ” finesse worm in Pumpkin/Chartreuse, Watermelon/red flake, and Watermelon.

Later in the day the deeper points and humps are producing, with schooling bass on some of them. Deep diving Crank Baits are starting to catch some big bass if you time it right. We are doing the best with the Shad colors for now. You just have to be there when they make that feeding move. It’s a trial and error deal, but can produce fast action on big bass if you hit it right. The more you are on the water, the more likely you are to find these places with active bass. Some days, we may hit the same spot several times until we establish the time they are making the move.

We are gearing it up for night fishing! Yeah! With the lake up, it should be really fun and productive. We have some good night fishing dates available, so give us a call and lets enjoy the cool night and hot catching! How much better can it get, great day fishing on the dark of the moon, and awesome night fishing around the full moon.

We look forward to fishing with you,
Mark and Barbara


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