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July 2011

Yes, it’s hot, but so is the bass fishing! Just like the last time Lake Fork got low, the fish kept biting through the summer. We have been catching 18 – 30 bass on our ½ day morning trips. Most people are not fishing all day, so most of our day fishing trips start at daylight and finish about 11:00a.m. You still need plenty of water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a cap or hat. If you plan a fishing trip or any activity outdoors right now, you can start by drinking plenty of water the day and night before. It is very important to keep your body hydrated! While doing whatever activity, if you start getting a headache or feeling bad, you need to get out of the sun for awhile. This is why night fishing can be more enjoyable during the summer months.

I think this good fishing will last through the summer, and a lot of fun is to be had. The neat thing about the day fishing is that we are not fishing over 12 foot of water, and catching some big bass. That’s Florida strain bass for you! There are also a lot of bass in the deep water if that is what you like to do. When we have gone out deep, it is almost like fall and winter fishing where you can catch bass, crappie, cat fish, yellow bass and sand bass all on jigging spoons. We like to use jigs and worms out deep right now and you can eliminate most everything except the bass and an occasional catfish.

Most of our bass are coming on Texas rigged 8” worms and flukes when in breaking fish. The majority of our bass have been over 3 lbs., in fact, we are having a hard time catching under the slot bass. We are night fishing this week with us just being past the full moon. Now would be a good time to book a night trip for the last of July and August. We have been out at night and it’s a lot cooler and some great catching. Most of the better bass are coming on 10” worms in blue fleck or black and blue, and a 3/8 oz. Johnson Custom Baits jig in 3’ – 8’, on points and timber.

August and September are going to be really good with the lake down and I don’t think it will be up until October starts and we get some weather out of the Gulf. October and November always offer up some great fishing on Lake Fork. These are our two busiest months in the fall and the bass, crappie, yellow bass, and sand bass are very cooperative.

We would love for you to fish with us in the fall and if you are locked into having to fish just weekends, try to book as soon as you can, as the weekends always book up first. We will have a new post soon after we do these night fishing trips this week and let you know what is happening. If you are an experienced angler, you don’t have to fish just around the full moon. The dark of the moon can be a lot of fun also, so you might want to give it a chance.

Have a great and safe summer! We look forward to seeing you on the lake!

Tight Lines,
Mark and Barbara Stevenson


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