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January 2011

Happy New Year

We hope you all had a great holiday season! Wow, it is hard to believe it is already 2011, and time to get your boats out of storage and serviced (for those that don’t fish through the winter). Also now is a good time to replace hooks that have rusted and organize your tackle for the upcoming season. Don’t take any chances of missing or losing that big bass you have been after, because of equipment. One good thing to do is, take a Q-Tip and go around the inside of all your guides on your rods and make sure you don’t have any broken or cracked guides. If the Q-Tip catches and pulls some of the cotton, you may want to replace that guide, as sooner or later it will cause your line to fray.

It’s not far from spring, so it’s also time check your schedule and get your trips booked, so you can catch your bass of a lifetime. We fished just before the New Year and Earl C. from Tulsa caught an 11 pound beauty. Robert F. and son-in-law fished with me on December 28th, and no big bass, but Eric caught his biggest bass ever, a fat 5 pounder on a spinnerbait. The most bass were caught on jigs, fished real slow along stumps with grass around them. These bass were caught in 2-8 foot of water. Depending on what part of the lake that you are fishing, the depth will vary with the grass. But remember, this is Lake Fork! Although you can catch bass in a lot of different depths of water, we can generally always go to the grass and catch bass.

Lots of fish in the deep water, as in 20 – 30 foot, but the wind has really hurt us on some days. When you can get out there, spoons will catch you crappie, sand bass, yellow bass, catfish, and some really good black bass. All off the same spot! Drop shot is a great way to go also; using small worms will catch you a lot of small fish in the deep water on the main lake if the wind will let you move around and search the points and humps until you find shad with bass around them. Swim baits can be another good option for searching out the big bass.

The way it looks right now, late January and all of February could be really good with the lake down like it is. We probably won’t get a lot of rain until late February or March. The last time we went into spring with the lake low we really caught a lot of big bass on Rattletraps, Spinnerbaits, and Jigs.

If you like to fish the trap and spinners, February would be a good time to come down and we can show you a lot of good places and also catch some great bass.

We will be at the Texas Fishing, Hunting, and Outdoors Show at Market Hall in Dallas from January 6 – 9th, 2011. We will be in booth 346, come on by and see us, and also catch one of our seminars. We will also be offering a special on trips if you sign up at the show. We look forward to fishing with you or seeing you on the water this year.

Good Fishing,
Mark and Barbara


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