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February 2011

Special February 2011 Report

February guide trip special: $300.00 for a full day and $175.00 for a half day guide trip.

We understand that the economy is slow , so we are rolling back our prices so that you can come to Lake Fork and have a great guide trip to catch the bass of a lifetime, or learn new techniques. Enjoy this special while it lasts.

Super Bowl will be over on Sunday and we all hope to enjoy a great game and good commercials! Most of the snow and ice will be gone, and the sun will start warming the water. We have already seen 54 degree water in some areas of the lake, so at least we had a start before this weather hit. From the end of the second week to the end of February, we will make it easy to get in an early spring trip and save some money. Book a trip for the month of February and it will only cost you $300.00 for a full day trip, and $175.00 for a half day trip.

The last 2 weeks of February should be really good. With this much cold weather now, the bass will really be starting to get active with any warm-up and there has been no pressure on the bass for 3 weeks. Come fishing with us and you can expect to be using Rattletraps, Spinnerbaits, Jerkbaits, and Chatterbaits for some fine fishing and a chance to catch a giant pre-spawn bass.

We really don’t have any kind of report for this last week because of the brutal cold. Mark had to cancel his Wednesday trip, and rescheduled it for later in the month. We both fished Friday and Saturday, and the bass bit good on Friday around the timber. Saturday slowed down, but still caught some around the stumps with grass around them. The fish were caught both days on Traps, Drop-Shot, and Wacky Worms.


The last two weeks of February will be pretty good this year because the lake is down and there will be lots of the tree lines in the right depth to gang up prespawn bass. It should be really good for casting those moving baits. March will be March, as usual! There will be great days and some slow days, but every day you will have a chance to catch a fish of a lifetime. Spend all of your time in 12 foot or less and you will be in the zone.

The moving baits such as Spinnerbaits, Traps, Chatterbaits, and Suspending Jerkbaits will help you locate the active areas. Then you can switch to Jigs, Lizards, and soft plastic Jerkbaits. Also A light Carolina Rig, which you can really work an area over with really well.

Give us a call and we will take you out and show you how to locate the big Lake Fork bass! Let’s go fishing!

Tight Lines,
Mark and Barbara

After thought – Barbara’s broken wrist is healing and she needs to go fishing to get her strength back. What a rehab program!


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