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August 2012

Well, I can tell you that it is plenty hot right now! Day fishing has been pretty good overall for this time of the year if you can handle the heat. We have been having some breeze if not downright windy days which makes it a lot more tolerable. Not to mention drinking lots of water and sports drinks, also wearing a good sunscreen, hat or cap and wearing good fishing apparel that protects yet breathes. It is so important to stay hydrated and that means starting the day before you plan on being out in the heat.

For Day fishing, we are fishing more half days than anything and starting out right at daylight so that we can get our clients off the water before it gets so hot. On these mornings, we are using some Top water baits or buzzbaits very early over grass. We are starting to get some really good grass now, but very little on top. We are fishing a lot of points and humps at various depths depending on the day. I know this sounds really vague, but it is the truth. The bass are following the shad and so you have to locate the bass that are willing to bite. By mid morning we move out to deeper water, sometimes 18 – 25 ft. using drop shots, heavy football jigs, Carolina rigs, plastic worms and some crankbaits.

One of my favorite times to fish right now is in the evening starting about 5:00 p.m. for some great bites. We are using some spinner baits, drop shot, and plastic worms in 8 – 25 ft. The reason for such a depth difference is because of how we are fishing some of the areas and moving back and forth. Carolina rigs have also been productive in some areas as the bass have been suspending off the bottom. One of the techniques that we use in some of the deeper water is fishing a heavy 1 ounce spinner bait off the bottom. I am sure that some of the swim baits will work out there also.

Some of these deep water areas aren’t just producing good bass, but some great White bass also. We have been having a lot of fun with the White bass and catching enough to have a great fish fry! You can catch the White bass on a good number of different types of baits that have treble hooks, but we prefer to use single hook baits whenever possible. It makes them easier to get off without getting finned. If you want to have a fish fry, Lake Fork has a large supply of White bass and we will fillet and bag them for you at the end of our fishing trip. Time for a fish fry!! The crappie are doing good under the bridges and in brush piles. Right now you can catch them on minnows or jigs and some really good ones are being caught. Our water temperature has been running about 85 degrees.

This is normally my favorite time to night fish, but we have had a lot of wind this year and it seems to pick up during the night. We are still catching some good bass but the bigger ones have been harder to come by when we have to deal with the wind. We have had some really good nights however and it is pretty spectacular out on the lake right now, as this is when we have the most meteor showers. Our night bass have been coming on 7” worms, 12” worms, and jigs. Some bass coming on spinner baits especially during the dark of the moon. Most popular time to night fish is 3 or 4 nights before and after the full moon and we are going to have two full moons this month. I am really looking forward to the next full moon and have high expectations.

Fall is just around the corner and it should be great this year! With the grass coming on and the lake having water in it, we should have an excellent fall. There are tons of shad on the lake, so the Bass and the White bass will have plenty to fatten up on. We are booking now for fall, so call or email and get your date for a great fishing trip on Lake Fork. If you just want to go catch fish or learn a specific technique, we can do the job and make it fun. We look forward to hearing from you and fishing with you.


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